ALO Four Pro: The best solution for pack-shots and video animations for jewelry.

Photo Studio is composed by Light Box and rotating arm structure, all objects look standing even you put them flat, capturing, tuning and saving the image without shadows and in white background.
By Four Pro Studio anyone can take professional jewelry product photos in few seconds, thanks to the light shined from the bottom

The three basic Four Pro components are

- LIGHT BOX "MILLELUCI": The basic component of the Studio. Below is the light base, made up of hundreds of multi-spectral LEDs that create a homogeneous illumination; above it is covered by an elliptical light tent, called "mirror" light tent; the metallized and opalescent surface create the right shimmers and reflections on the jewels. It's available in 2 size : standard (for normal jewelry, up to medium dimension and maxi for normal jewelry and big necklaces).

- ROTATING ARM: The rotating arm structure allows to support the camera and rotate around the jewel at 180°. This functionality is essential for jewelry photography, which is important to find the best point of view for each item. It's possible to use the Light Box without the arm structure, holding the camera in your hands or on a tripod. Obviously it implicates some disadvantages, for example the inability to calculate the real dimension of a photographed area.
In fact using the arm, thanks to the stable distance between camera and subject, the software is able to create photos printable in real size 1:1, very useful to create catalogues.

- ADAPTER AND MACRO LENS: The adapter is needed to fix the camera to the rotating arm. Photo Studio is universal for any camera. The adapter for Canon is composed by a metallic part and a soft rubber, that allows to rotate the camera on itself for 360°.
Macro optical 180mm is designed to transform a normal lens into a macro lens,. The peculiarity of this lens is to be able to make focus in little jewels like earrings , rings or bracelets.




Easy. Professional. Fast.

By using ALO Four Pro you'll be able to create catalogue, technical and creative pictures

ALO Four Pro is fully designed, patented and produced in Italy: result of years of experience and research. The photo studio suitable for everyone, which allows you to get quality photos in a few minutes.


1. INSERT THE OBJECTPlace the object in the centre of the Lightbox, without any external element like supports or glue

2. CHOOSE POINT OF VIEWTurn the camera around the object and on your own to see the best point of view of the object

3. TAKE PICTUREVerify by the software the image preview. Shoot and in few seconds you'll see your picture in pc directly in white background


Technical Specifications

Our studio have been designed specially for jewels, providing the best environment to get the right image. ALO Four Pro presents several advantages, which are the result of years of research and development:







Some Examples

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